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Form 2 Chapter 6 Air Pressure

Hi,i has been a while since i post anything in this blog....sorry folks....

Applications of Air Pressure

This topic wouldn't be a memorable one there isn't any interesting experiment right? Few experiments of mine include :

a) Gas jar and tile (i use tile instead of cardboard because cardboards are not found in my lab. Instead i feel that by using tile,you have a good grasps on the tight pressure between the tile and opening of jar)
      This experiment is a must try and is very exciting. Students will be thrilled even for lower level students.

b) Siphon ( I used water transfer from a tall gas jar to a short gas jar)

Gas Under High Pressure

Gas that is under pressure (cooled or compressed) will eventually turn to liquid.
Some simple experiments that I've been doing for a couple of years are :

a) Plastic bottle immerse in Hot and Cold Water

Hot Water
Cold Water
b) Plastic bottle filled with hot water, is immersed in cold water
     The truth behind this is, when hot water is poured into the plastic bottle and immediately closed the cap,there are less air particles in the bottle. After that, put the bottle in cold water, create a low pressure in the bottle and higher pressure outside the bottle.

For this topic,i merely give my students notes in exercise form.You know,you wouldn't want them to paste the whole notes and then it's left to be forgetten. You've got to do something!!!! Let them fill in the blanks while you blabber away bout the contents of this topic.

The activity here involves teacher and students' participation. On the same time, students have things to do while listening to teacher explaining in front. Yes.....i know....after that we need to discuss the answers with them and it's time-consuming. Well,this may be the items that keep the students busy instead of building castles in the air.

A good notes always come with a good collaborator.

Hurried away with below exercises. Feel free to give me any comments regarding my notes and exercises.



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