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Form 1 Chapter 3 Matter

Hi, this week, I'll introduce the topic Matter. Below are some of the experiments i had done in class :

Below are the experiments done:

a) To show air has mass     ------------->
  • This experiment is supposed to use a rod to balance the both balloons.
  • However, I changed to use metre rule instead. Without the disturbance of fan, surely the balancing is easier to obtain. 
    3.2 Three States of Matter  

    a) Diffusion of solid       ------------->

    I put Potassium Manganate (VII) on top of a jelly.You can observe that the purple colour will diffuse very slowly.The below results that I get is actually being done for 4 hours. Visibly, it is very much clear that in a solid matter, the diffusion process is very slow. In order for the whole jelly to become purple colour, it'll need couple of days.
    On Side View
      On Top View

    <  -------------------->          
           After 4 hours

    b) Diffusion of liquid       ------------->
    Failed experiment

    In this experiment, I use Copper (II) Sulphate to diffuse into the water.
    However, this is a failed experiment because byright, we need to dissolve the solidify state of copper (II) sulphate first until a concentrated solution is formed, then transfer the solution to a beaker half filled with water. Then, waited for the diffusion to happen.

    Below is the successful experiment I had done using concentrated potassium manganate (VII) solution and thisthle funnel.

    3.3 The Concept of Density

    Calculation of a density of a substance :

    Below shows the experiments I'd done in the class to show density :

    a) Egg Density Experiment
    • In order for this experiment to succeed, the eggs must be fresh, or else, there is air trapped inside the egg shell that enables it to float no matter what.
    • Next, mix a mixture of 4 tablespoons of salt in water.(p/s : you can try and drop in the egg to see whether it'll float already).
    • Then, pour half of the concentrated salt solution into second beaker. Add in half of the amount of water. Drop in the egg, it'll float in the middle.
    • The 3rd beaker solution is totally from concentrated salt.

    b)  Clay Boat Experiment  
    • Make a clay boat and a clump of clay. Make sure there is no hole and the water cannot enter the boat when you put in on water.
    • When you put in on water, it is notice that the boat will float.
    • On the other hand, the clump of clay will sink because it is denser.

    Since i cannot make my own submarine, I found this submarine animation as a substitute.

    Below is an exercise to test your understanding level:    Good luck :>